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We Offer a Premium Flower and Plant Pot Program

Why purchase and store premium pots? They are expensive, and perhaps more importantly, difficult to maintain. You have too much on your hands to manage them. Fortunately, Releaf Property Services has a solution. We offer Releaf Seasonal Pots at our company, a comprehensive and customer-focused solution to this common problem. You pick the design and the flowers, and we deliver them – ready for planting on your property. When combined with our weekly maintenance services, this is an excellent way to boost curb appeal and enhance property value. Throughout the year, we will make your property look amazing.

Family Playing In The Garden

Our Program Caters to Your Desires

If you want, we can remove and replace your existing plants with new seasonal options and apply the right fertilizer to help them grow as they should. Once November rolls around, our team will come back and remove the pots so there is no damage during the winter. Our goal is to do the legwork for you, so you can sit back and enjoy your pots. We built our seasonal pot program on versatility, offering plenty of options to our clients. We understand that no two customers are the same – necessitating a varied offering. At Releaf Property Services, you can choose from four basic programs with plenty of customization available: small, medium, large, and custom. Each option allows you to order your choice of size, color, quality, and delivery date.

How Does Releaf Potted Plants Work?

Step 1

Pick Your Size

Step 2

Pick Your Color

Step 3

Pick Your Quantity

Step 4

Pick Your Delivery

We Find the Right Solutions for the Right Home

At Releaf Property Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to design programs and services customized to our clients’ needs. Our seasonal pots are just one example of our willingness to personalize our services. For instance, we perform both our landscaping and hardscaping services with personalization in mind. Our team is dedicated to finding the right solutions for the right home.

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