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Invest In Fertilization and Weed Control Today

Are you battling a shaggy and weedy lawn? You’re not alone. Without proper fertilization and weed control, it can be difficult for any homeowner to manage things. We want to help. We offer top-notch, effective fertilization and weed control to Townsend, DE property owners. At Releaf Property Services, quality, customer service, and premium lawncare are watchwords – and we take them seriously. We are passionate about taking care of lawns, and we are excited to apply our passion to your property.


The Benefits of Fertilization and Weed Control

If you fertilize your lawn, you will notice the difference. Fertilization helps grass grow healthy and lush – and it also controls and knocks out weeds. The results will be a lawn you can be proud of – one that is a perfect fit for backyard Fourth of July gatherings and birthday parties. The benefits of fertilization and weed control are numerous and include:

Dark Green and Weed-Free Grass

First and foremost, fertilization and weed control will address the most common question homeowners ask us. Why is my lawn patchy and sad-looking? In time, and with proper care from our experts, you will have the lush yard you have always wanted.

Curb Appeal

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to feel some degree of competition and envy of their neighbor’s lawn. But you can be the envy of the neighborhood too! All it takes is strategic fertilization techniques to enhance your curb appeal.

Disease Resistance

Grass can get sick too. If you have lost patches of grass in your yard, there is a chance it succumbed to the disease. Fertilization and weed control methods can help restore what was lost and provide the grass that remains with an effective line of defense against disease.

Even Nutrient Distribution

One of the reasons grass grows lush in some areas and patchy in others is nutrients are not being evenly dispersed. Fertilization can address this issue. By focusing on the bare patches, we can deliver badly-needed nutrients to the entirety of your lawn.

Pest Resistance

Pests like beetles, cutworms, and chinch bugs can damage your lawn. Whether your fertilizer includes insecticides or not, engaging in a fertilizer and weed control solution will address many of these concerns.

We Offer Top-Notch, Catered Services to You

We encourage you to contact our team for fertilization and weed control services. We can promise you won’t be disappointed in our efforts! We are as passionate about your yard as you are, and we are excited to help you reach its potential. We have years of experience in our field, and our team is more than ready to take on even the most complicated projects.

Top-Notch Lawns and Landscaping in Townsend, DE