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Top-Notch Landscaping in Townsend, DE

At Releaf Property Services, we are committed to ensuring your yard looks its best. As a comprehensive lawn care company, we do so through various means – including high-quality landscaping. Townsend, DE residents have benefitted from our passion, experience, and expertise for years. We’re excited to work with you and brainstorm ideas about beautifying your property for the long haul.

Lawn Care Contractor Prepares Area For Sod Installation.

The Benefits of Professional Landscaping Services

Many residents struggle to keep up with the demands their yard places on them. It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to have time only for mowing, edge trimming, and perhaps some plant and flower planting. Fortunately, Releaf Property Services provides landscaping services – which can take things a step further than you might be able to at the moment. The benefits of professional landscaping include:

It Creates a Backyard Oasis

When your lawn is shaggy, and there are no flowers and plants, it can be hard to drag yourself outside to spend time. And that’s never good. But a well-manicured and landscaped lawn will serve as a beacon for family time and backyard BBQs, encouraging homeowners to spend more time outside.

Landscaping Helps the Environment

Numerous elements of landscaping can benefit the environment. For instance, a retaining wall will prevent erosion and reduce the amount of soil that ends up in waterways. Proper grading and drainage reduce stormwater runoff and prevents flooding. And when we plant native plants and flowers, it creates a sustainable ecosystem.

It Is an Investment in Your Home

Finally, landscaping is a tremendous investment in your home value. Beyond the immediate perks, the long-term benefits are substantial. If you ever decide to sell your home, the perfectly maintained and landscaped lawn will be a huge draw for potential buyers. Even if you are living in your forever home, you will boost curb appeal!

Landscaping Is Good for Your Health

There is something refreshing and calming about spending time outside. For many people, being out in the sun – especially during the spring and summer months – is an excellent de-stressor. But when your lawn is overgrown with weeds and unappealing to look at, it can be hard to enjoy the area. Allow us to install landscaping elements that promote healthier living!


We Are Passionate About Your Lawn – Let Us Help

Our owner, Tim Beshore, has spent decades beautifying lawns throughout the area. He and his team understand how to consider the unique nature of every home’s yard and apply their expertise toward improving it. Whether that includes building retaining walls or planting scenery-improving flowers and plants, they are more than up to the task. Landscaping is the right choice for any size house, too! At Releaf Property Services, we believe in delivering our services in a catered, personalized manner, and you can expect that from us on every job.

Top-Notch Lawns and Landscaping in Townsend, DE