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Overgrown Area Clearing in Townsend, DE

At Releaf Property Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to apply our passion for landscaping and lawn care to every job – no matter how big or small. And often, our customers have unwieldy areas of thorny brush and tangled tree branches on their property. They need them cleared. We can help. At our company, we offer overgrown area clearing in Townsend, DE. Do you have dense retention areas? Do you have an extensive brush that you want to be removed or trees you need cut down? How about a large field? We can mow it! Our overgrown area clearing services are multifaceted and perfect for any customer who has an area on their property they can’t use. To get started with our services, we encourage you to give our expert team a call. We can get started immediately.


Seize the Opportunity With Overgrown Area Clearing

Overgrown area clearing is about more than merely getting rid of unattractive brush or clearing trees. It is about an opportunity! Imagine what you can do with a cleared and open space. And here’s the best part: We are the landscaping company capable of transforming an overgrown and unusable section of a lawn into an oasis fit for backyard BBQs and family gatherings. Once we clear your area, you can do any of the following with the section of your property:

Plant Native Flowers:

Let’s say your overgrown area is near the street. Not only will clearing it to make your property more attractive, but it also provides an opportunity to plant beautiful flowers and make your property the envy of the neighborhood. We even have a program for pre-planted and maintained plants and flowers – Releaf Seasonal Plants.

Install Hardscaping Elements:

Have you always wanted a gazebo or fountain, but you didn’t know where to put it? Fortunately, that overgrown plot of land on your property is a ripe opportunity. Don’t waste it! We can help you realize your dream of a beautifully manicured front or back yard.

Treat Weeds

Weeds overthrow your lawn quickly. If you have an area on your property lost in a clump of brush and tall grass, then there is an opportunity for weeds to take root on your property. We can clear the area and treat it with fertilization and weed control, helping the grass grow healthy and beautiful.

We Are the Perfect Fit No Matter the Size of the Job

At Releaf Property Services, we see every job as a privilege and a responsibility. We are determined to help you have a lawn and property you can be proud of. An overgrown area is a blight on any property, and we are thrilled to offer this service. If you have a spot on your property you would love cleared then we are the company to do it. Our experience, expertise, and enthusiasm make us the perfect fit for the job.

Top-Notch Lawns and Landscaping in Townsend, DE