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We Offer Top-Flight Snow and Ice Removal Services

Nobody enjoys shoveling their driveway following a winter storm. It takes time, and it’s a serious physical workout. Releaf Property Services offers snow and ice removal to our Townsend, DE customers. If you don’t want to remove snow this year, or if you can’t, then our services are a no-brainer. We will be out to your property promptly and ready to remove all the snow from your driveway and walkways. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done. Our team members are enthusiastic about making your property look excellent – even during the barren winter months. Contact us today to get set up with wintertime snow and ice removal services.

Snow blower in action clearing a residential driveway after snow storm

How We Efficiently and Effective Remove Snow and Ice

Professional snow and ice removal are about more than shoveling snow and using snowplows to remove snow. We take a proactive approach to the situation by delivering intuitive services. We have plenty of experience in our field – and we understand the importance of acting quickly. You need to get to work and run errands, and an unplowed driveway is a great way to keep you from doing those things. At Releaf Property Services, you can count on us to:

Monitor The Weather

Rather than springing into action only after the storm, we monitor the weather in the run-up to a winter storm. Our proactive approach allows us to provide our services quickly and efficiently. We keep track of meteorological data so we can anticipate when you will need our services.

We’re On Standby

It is important to us to available to our clients. And that means always being on standby during the winter months. Even if there is no snow in the forecast, we make sure we are ready for the eventuality of a winter storm. Our preparation is one of our greatest assets and is how we can serve clients so well.

Our Equipment Is Always Ready

Throughout the year, we make sure our equipment is fully calibrated and ready to go. That means checking the snowplow connections, servicing our trucks, and ensuring we have the gear we need to melt and remove ice. We also monitor the weather patterns to ensure we do not oversalt your driveway.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional

There is a wide array of benefits of hiring a professional like Releaf Property Services to clear snow and get rid of ice. For instance, we specialize in curb appeal. The proper removal of snow and ice is a component of how your property looks. Also, plowing snow – especially on a driveway that is an incline – can be dangerous. You can avoid accidents by having our team handle them. We use specialized equipment that is more thorough than the average homeowner can achieve with store-bought salt, shovels, or even snow blowers.

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