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Protect Your Tropical Treasures from Winter’s Wrath

You’ve nurtured and cared for your tropical plants, watching them flourish and add that touch of paradise to your living spaces. But as winter looms, these warm-climate wonders face the risk of frost and freeze damage. That’s where we step in.

Simple, Safe, and Secure Tropical Plant Storage Service

1. Easy Pick-up: At a time that’s convenient for you, our plant professionals will come to your location, gently pack up your tropical plants and ensure they’re safely transported to our indoor facility.

2. Perfect Environment: Your plants will relish in our climate-controlled environment, tailored specifically for tropical flora. They’ll continue to thrive, shielded from the biting cold.

3.Springtime Return: As the days lengthen and the frost thaws, we’ll ensure your plants make their way back to you. Refreshed from their winter retreat, they’ll be ready to brighten up your space once again!

Serving All of Delaware with Pride and Passion

From Wilmington to Rehoboth Beach, we’ve got all corners of The First State covered. We’re proud to serve the Delaware community and ensure every tropical plant enjoys a cozy winter retreat.

Why Choose Releaf Property Services?

Expertise: With years of experience in plant care, our team understands the specific needs of tropical species.
Trusted Service: We value the trust you place in us. Your plants are handled with the utmost care and returned in pristine condition.
Affordable Rates: Quality service doesn’t have to break the bank. We offer competitive pricing tailored to your needs.

Book Your Winter Plant Storage Now!

Don’t let winter’s chill take a toll on your tropical treasures. Secure your plant’s winter spot with Releaf Property Services today. Reach out and let us handle the rest.