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Epic Plow Angle


715 days since our region’s last measurable snowfall (says Fox 29 – the morning “local” news in our household). For five years, I was able to support the business operations over the winter with snow/ice management revenue. Then the winter of 22-23 happened. It was the longest winter of my life. Zero snow. And by the way – how does one justify being prepared with equipment, materials, labor and cover overhead costs like insurance and facility costs without any revenue? Answer – it just gets paid for. Reserves. Savings. Line of credit.

Here on the Delmarva peninsula, we’re in a coastal plain. We’re also between the Chesapeak Bay and the Delaware Bay. We’re only a couple hours from central PA or North Jersey but winters with no snow really make me feel like we live somewhere down south like Georgia?! Some say it’s always been this way, others say they remember winters being snowy. In any case, the reality is those of us in the snow/ice management service industry can no longer operate as if any revenue is expected. At all.

2 wintry events through January. Something is better than nothing. Almost feels like a farmer who had a bad crop. But I think they have something called crop insurance? I don’t know. All l know is my equipment doesn’t get used as much as I would like it to. I mean seriously – what was I thinking?? Yea yea hindsight is 20/20… maybe next year! People keep telling me “We’re due for a big one!” Let’s see what happens… until then I’m sure I have some landscape equipment to clean or tune up. Is it March yet?!

Go get your hands dirty!